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Sound engineering and mixing journey

The title actually says it all. 🙂
This is the very first entry in this personal journal. I cannot ignore its significance because this post have pulled me out of my “safe shell” aka comfort zone. This website is a diary. My sound engineering and mixing journey. Its a journal to keep logs of your audio engineering and production journey.

There are many things to do. Many maps to explore. Many concepts to learn, to understand and many tracks to work on. The main goal for this logbook is to keep a manageable and good looking entries which not only will help me see my progress and set my goals but also to realise and recall that everything started from bad. I did it, its bad. I do it again, its no good. Hence I do it again and again and again and again, not just to improve but to see and get the bigger clearer picture of what I really want to do.

Hence I’ve kept the layout very simple and minimal because it does the job here. I have organized the content in a way which makes the navigation and categorization memorable and straight forward. With this theme, I’ll focus more on the work. Website is hopefully mobile-friendly and work flawlessly on all platforms and devices. I will keep optimizing it according to the latest standards so that it remains accessible for a long time to come.

All the assets here; images, text, audio, video, links, references I will use here, are strictly only for educational purposes and I have no other intention other than this. I will properly mention/link the source I will use. All the views here in the posts about whatever topics are my own interpretations and are kept in a very generic fashion. The way the concepts are explained is the way I understood them and practice them. There may exist some other way of seeing things and that is all good. If you find anything wrong or different than usual, comment and help me improve. One of the long-term aim of this sound engineering and mixing journey is to have amazing discussions with others who see this so that I get to learn something new and you could make a new friend. 🙂

All these approaches are not all my own. Everything you learn, if you sit and think about it, 90% is inspired from outside sources. The only thing that is truly yours is your practice. Remember this lovely quote whenever you get confused :-

The only worthwhile precept is the one that is practiced.”

I see that so much new stuff is coming every day and this abundance makes me a bit confused as to what to follow and what not. This line above will keep me close to my practice and help me manage the clutter in my mind. No matter what you practice, you will see the difference in ideas in other methods very clearly if you are clear with your approach. We learn so much by putting things in contrast with one another. But to experience this, one must know their own way thoroughly.

I are doing this to improve. To listen, read, see, acknowledge, understand and do what I believe to be the best at the time of doing it. My approach may change and I may alter my workflow according to the need but underlying general guidelines will not change. Not even once in my sound engineering and mixing journey. There will be advancements in good directions. If all this helps you, give yourself the credit for deciding to learn, practice and master for your own good. If there is any query, go out, find people like you and talk about it. Maybe you could come up with something that may do good to you as well as others.

Here, You (the journal keeper) is having a conversation with the reader. It may be me sometimes. Not to sound rude, selfish, weird or introvert but after all.. this is a journal. I’m open to talk about it with myself and with others who read this. 🙂

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